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101 Ways to Work with Communicative Skills

Theoretical and practical approaches in the English classroom

How can English teachers work in up-to-date and inspirational ways to enhance students' communicative skills? Which English skills do students need in an increasingly diverse and globalised society? How can teachers explore key areas such as digital skills, multicultural topics and multilingual resources in the English subject in practical and engaging ways? These are some of the subject-specific questions raised in this book. The book contains practical teaching ideas and theoretical perspectives on communicative skills in English. Part I includes seven peer-reviewed articles on central aspects concerning communicative skills in English. Part II presents 101 practical teaching activities to enhance students' communicative skills in English. The suggestions connect theory and practice based on empirical experiences and central insights from classroom research. 101 Ways to work with Communicative Skills. Theoretical and Practical Approaches in the English Classroom offers fresh research about English Education in Norway. It is a treasure trove for every practicing teacher working with English in years 1-13. The target group for this book is teachers, students, teacher educators, and researchers.

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