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Hidden Pictures

Workbook & CD-Rom

Fra baksiden av boka:
Solve hidden picture puzzles in the 64 page workbook or make your own on the computer. Puzzle Play software turns your computer into a puzzle making machine, just add your imagination. along the way, your child will learn about coordinate graphs and sharpen his or her perceptual skills. This unique construction woftware and beautifully illustrated workbook provide Tow Great Ways to Learn, while having hours of creative fun!

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  1. The Slippery Planet
  2. King Midas
  3. The Cape of Rushes
  4. Grammy
  5. Dumbo
  6. What's in the Box?
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  2. Postman Pat 1 - 26
  3. Spelling 1-2
  4. Once upon a time...but when?
  5. Doors 1

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  3. A New Scoop 6 : English Textbook
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  5. Quest 3 : Textbook
  6. Young people : Study Book 3
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